About the Farm

One Life Farm is a local, Certified Organic Farm located in Bowmanville Ontario. We combine farming with health and wellness to create a unique atmosphere with as little external inputs as possible. We grow and supply the most nutritious, fresh picked organic foods and health oriented products. We strive to supply the local community with Certified Organic food grown without the use of GMOS’s, pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or monoculture. We try to use as little packaging as possible and use paper or glass when that is not possible.

We are passionate about farming and love having in depth health conversations with our customers. To us food and health go hand in hand. Our focus is to be able to deliver our customers the freshest picked, shortest travelled organic food that will in turn supply the most nutrition possible. We chose to certify our farm so that we could “prove” to our customers that what they are eating is truly what they believe it is- wholesome, local, nutritionally dense food grown with love. We are grateful to be in such a wonderful community. We are excited to now be able to grow year round in our heated greenhouse. Please feel free to stop in during business hours. We hope to see you soon.

About the People

Hi my name is Tracey and I am the farmer/owner of One Life Farm. When I began my organic journey many years ago it was because I did not want to be a “guinea pig” in a new world that was full of GMO’s, excess pesticides or chemicals. I started out on a journey of finding out what was in our food and our products and quite frankly- it was scary. I decided then to do something about it. First I eliminated as much of that stuff as possible from mine and my family’s diet and household products. I had always grown my own food in whatever size yard I had and I encouraged others to do the same. But it wasn’t so easy finding “organic” food in Durham Region in the off season.

I had always dreamed of farming and it was fate that put me here. I always believed that food had the ability to heal so I knew when I started farming that I would use as little inputs as needed and instead use crop rotation and hand picking of bugs instead of just spraying as a means to farm. I am passionate about growing food and making products that enhance health and well being. My joy and enthusiasm about health, food and all things crazy in this wonderful world of ours is what pushes me and motivates me to farm organically. I can only hope to take small steps to better the earth for the little ones who adopt it later. I invite you to join me on this endless journey of growth.

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